Thursday, December 30, 2010

things i live for

i live for that, you know.  for reaching out to touch you,
for the kisses you drop on the tip of my nose, for your confidence.
i live for holding hands in the car, or smiling at you across rooms
at parties, or walking behind in your footsteps in deep snow in the yard.

now it's not just those moments, although i've banked them all,
stored them carefully away to revisit and feel warmed by;
it's a wide open future of lying in bed all day in squares of sunlight
from our south-facing bedroom window, fingers clasped under sheets.

we will get a couch to sit on while we watch documentaries
and plant root vegetables in the yard to bring us into winter.
i can see you through the window in the back, coming home,
and i am happy to see you --- i'll always miss you when you're gone.

there are so many things that i'll live for when i get the chance;
so many things to delight in and long for and make plans for.
i will reach out to you always, put my hand over your heart while we watch tv,
and i'll grow around you as you grow old, getting better and better all the time.

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