Thursday, June 30, 2011

here is the way to live your life

When you should be in the city, in the thick of things, driving in cars through congested streets, the air hot with engines and exhaust, leave.

Drive out to the lake with your mom, don't even listen to music on the way, just talk to each other.

Make lemon-saskatoon-berry muffins and drink a beer on the deck.

When you know you should be working, do a little bit -- it helps if your mom sits at the big kitchen table with you and works on her sewing project at the same time -- but then go for a walk up the beach when she suggests it.

Stop judging your own body. Change into your new bathing suit, look in the mirror, think "this is what I look like," and move on.  

Lie down on the beach and read a book while your mom sits under an umbrella commenting on the weather and let your skin feel the wind coming off the lake and the sun warming the backs of your legs and try to remember to stay in the moment, because your laptop awaits and so does the work and you've left a messy house at home with dishes on the counter, and you haven't been getting enough exercise, and you haven't made enough money this month, and you haven't had time to find a place for all of your disorganized things in your little house, and you haven't spent enough time with friends.

All manner of things will be well.

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