Monday, August 15, 2011

canada is a big, wild place

now i've been all over.

now i've felt an icy ocean crashing
over my body   rocks slipping
beneath those numbed feet
which belong to this eastward wanderer

i have stepped over acorns
and fossils in rocks 
thousands of years old
to stand on the shore of a lake as big as an ocean
one in a series of freshwater seas.

now i've seen the best sky God has ever created
the living breathing thing of it
so bright i thought it would fall
down on me   small on the atlantic shore

my heart is a fist in my chest
which has opened completely
it longs for vast wilderness
those secret forests it had never known

and still   though the land was more
than i ever thought it could be
and there could never be enough time to explore it

when i moved from canadian shield
to my wide open prairie

my heart felt more glad than ever

it could only sing out across those fields
sloped by river valleys   pooled in by lakes
wandered by deer and coyotes and cowboys

it was flung free across that expanse of gold and green
and ran clear into the crisp line of horizon
and is left to echo into that enormous upwards-falling sky

now i've been all over
and now

it is time to come home.

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