Saturday, January 14, 2012

saturday's spinsterhood

this evening we sort of did the dishes. we washed, dried and put away half of them, leaving seven scummy mugs and a big mixing bowl i used to make sweet potato pancakes in the sink to soak. i cleared about a million empty bottles off the kitchen table (read: junk repository) and eric took them out to the garage.

he's now gone playing shinny hockey in the falling snow under floodlights in the dark with his friends.

and i'm at home with three dogs (which is too many for my wee house -- two of them don't even belong to me) contemplating very serious matters: should the squares of my afghan be six inches or eight? how will i organize them? how long will this take me? have i chosen the right yarn?

it's saturday night. i feel like making mulled wine and having friends over feeling warm and well-surrounded by loved ones.

but actually, i am alone. planning afghans with too many pets.

spinsterhood would have suited me.


  1. I love! I was thinking about your granny squares and wondering if I should do one too. Square by square... Are you following a particular pattern?

    1. Do one! You could do a kid blanket and it'll take half the time as my lofty, queen-sized goal.

      I'm not really following a pattern. I've looked up a few patterns for individual squares and right now I'm just randomly crocheting them up to see which ones I like. Once I make up my mind I'm going to drawn out a pattern on graph paper (in terms of square placement). And then I'll start making it, square by square.

      I got out a good book from the library. It's called "200 Crochet Blocks for blankets, afghans and throws." But don't put it on hold or I won't be able to renew it!