Saturday, December 10, 2011

also, today:

I watched the newer Pride & Prejudice. I did it while starching snowflakes (which, by the way, is an entirely too long and involved process and takes much more time than you'd think).

The landscapes in that movie are breathtaking. Eric came home halfway through and sat with me and didn't make fun of me when I mouthed some of the dialogue along with the actors. And how I kept narrating like my dad does during movies.

But it was lovely and makes me think back to sitting in a cafe in my little hometown, devouring the second half of the book in one afternoon. That was the first time I'd read it, and the first time I'd ever been served a real coffee with latte art. And I sat by the window, drenched in sun, drinking coffee and reading for hours. What a perfect memory.


  1. I cringe at the thought of myself trying to starch snowflakes. I'm sure I couldn't do it.

    I love that movie too. (Mr. Darcy reminds me of Tim.)

  2. It's just a matter of pinning every little point (and trying to pin it straight, which is sometimes impossible) of the snowflake.