Friday, December 9, 2011

an honest list

to do on friday, december 9th:

- respond to all of the work emails and all of their associated tasks
- make a test batch of vanilla-cinnamon candied nuts
- finish crocheting the pink scarf
- starch four snowflake ornaments
- clear off the desk
- read the National Geographic impulse-bought at the gas station
- purchase a Christmas tree


  1. I love National Geographic magazine so I can take a trip and not have to leave the farm. Excuse my ignorance, but I did not know that you (also) like to write. I wrote a book when I was in Grade three, with chapters and everything. very short chapters but nonetheless, they were chapters. Being so far away and unable to get to know you better makes me glad for computers so I can learn more about my family members. Love Auntie Carleen (BIG HUG)

  2. Auntie Carleen, I am a writer by trade. I am a full-time freelancer now. There is so much to know!