Sunday, November 4, 2012

a lifetime's achievement.

Earlier this summer, I rode for days in the Rocky Mountains. We looked down at sunstreaked valleys and rode up into the grey mist of an alpine cloud. It was a wonderful experience to hold in my heart: the availability of so much nature, as far as my eye could see, and me in the middle of all of it, on horseback.

This morning, I galloped a horse named Mack full-out down a beach. His hooves splashed through the incoming tide at the edge of a crystal, turquoise sea. It was something my landlocked, prairie heart has always wanted. The whip of wind and sun and ocean spray on my face, closing my eyes for a few seconds to try to remain right in the middle of the moment.

I am so blessed to have experience both sides of this coin within just a few months.

And still, when we had dismounted our horses, given them those last pats and were driving in our campervan back up the road, I thought of riding my own horse, that animal who is one of my oldest, truest friends, down the sun-dappled lane out to the back pasture in our own home. It's something about knowing who I am. Knowing how to follow my desires and hopes, but being able to return to the place that I am meant to be in.

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  1. tears!

    "closing my eyes for a few seconds to try to remain right in the middle of the moment".

    Beautiful way to express how new experiences help shape us, but that we are still grounded in who we are...