Friday, November 4, 2011

friday night project


calling my mom to ask in which direction one should cut woven fabric, then
deciphering which of several presser feet was actually the zipper foot and
figuring out how to put that foot on the sewing machine, then
breaking the needle sewing the zipper (i guess i was wrong) and
going out to the car to get the extras (why did i have them there?), then
determining how to exchange a new one with the old and
dropping the old broken needle tip on the floor several times, then
making a big mistake and ripping out an entire seam and
fiddling around with wonky corners and crooked edges, then
making another mistake and ripping out another entire seam and
finally turning the project and realizing i probably did one part wrong, then
deciding that it didn't really matter all that much,

i created with my own hands one small zippered pouch.

1 comment:

  1. THAT is why it took me a week in my pajamas to make chair covers. Fiddling and faddling. :)